May 12 is the “GUM HEALTH DAY” !  On May 12, 2022, the Georgian Association of Periodontology (Geoperio), together with the European Federation of Periodontology , celebrated this day with a special event. For Geoperio this was the forth time to celebrate the “GUM HEALTH DAY”  Perio bus traveled throughout Tbilisi and spread information about the importance of gum and oral health. Previous Next

Influence of prosthetic features on peri-implantitis

BackgroundPeri-implantitis is a plaque-associated pathological condition affecting the tissues around dental implants. It is characterised by inflammation in the peri-implant mucosa and progressive loss of supporting bone. Reported risk factors include poor oral hygiene, a history of periodontitis, and irregular supportive therapy. It has been suggested that there may be an association between certain prosthetic features and peri-implantitis. It has been argued that a straight… Read More »Influence of prosthetic features on peri-implantitis

Election of the new President, Vice President and Board of Geoperio

On February 28, 2021, the election of the new President, Vice President and Board of Geoperio was held. The first and distinguished President of the Georgian association of Periodontology, Dr. Lali Kochiashvili, handed over the title of President to the unusually energetic and hardworking former Vice-President, Tatia Rokhvadze. The new president introduced the vice-president – Tatia Kochladze and a new board was elected by the members of the old one. Also, the… Read More »Election of the new President, Vice President and Board of Geoperio

The basic course in periodontics 17.10.20

On 17.10.2020 another group completed the basic course in periodontics. During the 10 lectures, they learnt the methods of periodontal tissue examination, diagnose according to the new classifications, treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis according to the latest 2020 guideline, methods of splintage of loose teeth and further prevention. Also, surgical treatment of periodontitis and clinical extension of the crowns, aesthetic and functional surgery. Each participant… Read More »The basic course in periodontics 17.10.20

Batumi Regional Course

An intensive course in periodontology was held in Batumi in September 1 – 6, 2020.The trainings contained both non-surgical and surgical aspects of periodontal treatment. Participants were given the opportunity to learn the new classification, modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Treatment of Peri-implantitis and prevention of dental implants.Course included hands on training on molds. At the end of the course, participants were certified.… Read More »Batumi Regional Course