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Perio&Ortho Synergy

    Perio&ortho synergy was held in Antwerp, Belgium , organized by the European Federation of Periodontology
    The congress #PerioMasterClinic aimed to bring together periodontists and #orthodontist from all over the world to share knowledge and best practices on the integration of periodontal and orthodontic treatments.
    Some of the key topics covered at the congress included: when , why and how ?
    •  Timing of orthodontic treatment: The optimal age to start orthodontic treatment, as well as the factors that can influence the timing of treatment.
    •  Planning for perio-ortho patients: treatment planning for patients who require both types of treatment.
    •  Treatment timelines: The length of orthodontic treatment and the duration of the maintenance phase , along with periodontal treatment.
    •  Other topics: use of digital technologies in orthodontics and periodontics, the latest research on the links between periodontal and orthodontic, diseases and new techniques and materials for treatment #orthotreatment