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Perio & Caries

The goal of the Perio and Caries program was to discuss caries and periodontal diseases as separate but interrelated processes.

Periodontal diseases and caries are the most common non-infectious diseases in the world, which can be the cause of tooth loss. Both diseases can effect nutrition, but may have a negate effect on a persons self-esteem and quality of life.

The population grows, the number of people suffering from caries and periodontitis increases, these diseases increase globally, especially in the elderly people.

“Perio and caries programme” include recommendations, that should be taken into account by:

  • Dentists
  • Patients and the community (mothers, expectant mothers)
  • Politicians
  • Media


Perio & Caries programme  builds on the outcomes of Perio Workshop 2016, devoted to “The boundaries between dental caries and periodontal disease”, jointly organised by the EFP with ORCA (European Organisation for Caries Research) in November 2016 and sponsored by Colgate.