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Who we are & What we do

„Georgian Association of periodontology“ – Geoperio was founded in 15 th of march 2015 by the group of Georgian dentists working in field of periodontology (10 dentists). President was elected – Dr.Lali Kochiashvili, who inspired the group and had an idea to create a Geoperio. At that time, periodontology was least popular and least known direction of dentistry in Georgia. The aim of the society was to promote perio among practitioners, professors, students and patients (in population generally) and to introduce EFP guidelines and principals. Since then society organizes national and international meetings,courses and conferences, public activites and social media projects.

There are several projects that society is runing in Georgia:

  • „Geo perio Academy“ courses for practicioner doctors.
  • „Basic course of Periodontoloyg“ for dentists and postgraduate students.
  • „ ITOP“ training about oral prophilaxis
  • „I brush teeth“ – oral hygine lessions at school for children.
  • „Perioblog“ – online platform for public information
  • „New classification toolkit“ – 3 hour trainings for clinicians who want to use a new claasification in their practice
  • „Gum Health Day“ – activites for public
  • „free lectures for students“ and etc..

Today Geoperio has more than 100 members and periodontology is one of the most popular and interesting issue in the field of dentistry in Georgia.


Our goals

  • To promote periodontology and oral health in Georgia.
  • To take part in recognition of the specialty of periodontology in Georgia
  • To ensure a high level of knowledge and practical skills in Periodontology by publications, organizing dental meetings, conferences, trainings and hands on courses.
  • To introduce, spread and monitor the guidelines and protocols recommended by EFP around Georgia.
  • To contribute the process of doing valid and modern researches in Georgia.
  • To become a full member of European Federation of periodontology and cooperate with local and international dental associations/ societies

Legal Name of the periodontal society

Name in English: „Georgian Association of Periodontology“
Name in Georgian: „Sakartvelos parodontologta Asotsiatsia“
Legal form: Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) Legal Entity
Identification number: 416317364