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    Perio&Prostho an intensive course was held on October 21-23 .

    Next issues was discussed

    • Aesthetic analysis of prosthetic patients
    • Photo protocol
    • Measures of the periodontal status
    • Tooth lengthening techniques
    • Socket preservation
    • Tooth vertically preparation principles
    • Peri-implant soft tissue health and management
    • Treatment of Soft tissue dehiscence around the implant
    • Implant and superstructure types .

    Participants used Geistlich Biomaterials and performed socket preservation and soft tissue management techniques on the Shtrauman’s models .

    Hu-Friedy’s periodontal probes with Geoperio logo were given as a gift .

    Perio&Proshto course is designed for practicing dentists.

    Mentors :

    Periodontist – Tatia Rokhvadze

    Prosthodontic – Tamta Tevzadze